Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

ThumbnailIIoT boosts efficiency and lowers cost1. It's not marketing, it's the new standard.

Solutions are being rolled out across all industries, from agriculture, manufacturing, shipping, and even pest control! We work with our customers to develop solutions, either hardware, software or service, and built around custom or off-the-shelf hardware.

Just what is Industrial IoT?

IIoT is a combination of sensor hardware, wireless communication and software that connects the real world to the virtual world. Some of the ideas and technologies aren't brand new, they're tried and tested, and you might know them as wireless sensor networks, or cyber physical systems.

What is new is the remarkable array of devices now available, at ever decreasing cost, with impressive wireless performance and battery life.

In the past we were limited by poor wireless connectivity, and power hungry devices that needed mains power or frequent battery changes. With low-power electronics and new wireless protocols, these limitations are being removed.

What do we do in IIoT?

We're electronic engineers and systems integrators, we build new hardware and software systems to solve problems.

As distributors of IoT hardware, we have developed excellent relationships with several hardware manufacturers, allowing us to deploy solutions using ready-to-go hardware, combined with our software and services.

Working with our customers, we have deployed systems for power measurement, environmental monitoring, industrial process control, car park occupancy and more.

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