LoRaWAN Devices, Gateways and Services

Part of a new beed of Long Range Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), LoRaWAN is a wireless protocol designed to allow long range transmissions at very low power.

We work with our customers to deliver full solutions using LoRaWAN hardware and custom software.

  • Need a city- or region-wide network of gateways? We provde fully configured gateways, with cellular connectivity, and antennae & mounting kits ready for deployment.
  • Need to roll out thousands of sensors? We can help you with deployment, from configuration management to custom labelling.

LoRaWAN's take off has been impressive and is being driven by the technology successfully being demonstrated in different markets. From smart buildings, museum conservation and agriculture, we are finding many opporunities to implement LoRa solutions today.

We build custom LoRaWAN devices, and retail LoRaWAN gateways, devices and accessories at our Connected Things Store.

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