Design and Manufacturing services

For one-off parts or production components, we have extensive experience designing rapid or volume manufacturing.

With access to laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC and manual machining, we can manufacture custom devices and short runs in house. Working with our manufacturing partners in the UK and Europe we can build electronic and mechanical devices in quantity. With careful sourcing for the best possible quality and price, we build at low cost, but with excellent reliability.

Electronic design & prototyping

With expertise in digital, analogue and microcontroller electronic design, we can take your idea from drawing board to finished PCBAs. Using commercial and open source tools for schematic capture and PCB layout we can design boards to fit existing enclosures. For new projects we generally run electronic and mechanical design in parallel to ensure parts will work together, and cut development time.

Electronic schematic and PCB layout

Electronic assembly

From hand-built prototypes to mass production, we can build your design! We have prototype and small run facilities in Edinburgh and Bratislava, including pick and place assembly and reflow soldering.

We work with our manufactuing partners in the UK and Slovakia to take designs from prototype to full production. Our manufacturers are chosen for quality and service.

PCB assembly

Mechanical design

With our expertise in mechanical design, we can wrap a perfectly fitted enclosure around an electronic device, build manufacturing machines, and create moving props. Using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom parts, we can build almost anything, try us!

Recently, we have designed and built all manner of electro-mechanical devices, from escape room props and museum displays to gin filling machines. We regularly use stepper motors, linear actuators and pneumatic systems, and build control systems to match.

Laser cutting

Fast fabrication - Laser cutting & 3D printing

With laser cutting, 3D printing and manual fabrication facilities, we are able to produce prototypes and small runs of mechanical designs. We regularly build one offs, and fabricate enclosures and models. Often these are used to test out a model before committing to production at our manufacturing partners.

With in-house facilities we can quickly iterate a design for the perfect fit, before manufacturing in volume.

Laser cutting

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Design & Manufacturing Services

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